Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flowers, Lake, and a Groomba

Another spread from my sketchbook. Silly grooms cake ideas and orchids. I think this was also part of an assignment, what foods did I eat over spring break, but I always wanted to eat my food, not draw it... so I usually drew what was on the table, or what I didn't eat.

I have returned from vacation, so here is a photo I took while in Minnesota! There is a beaver dam somewhere back there. I love this lake.


  1. SO PRETTY!!! :D :D It looks super peaceful!

  2. and I <3 the comments in your sketchbook; Especially the one about Blake/gilmore girls/totaling his car and the wild deer one is just classic. I <3 you. :D :D You always make me smile Chrissy. :D