Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm going to Columbia College Chicago for the summer, and I'm sort of treating it as a mini-study abroad (even though Chicago is basically in my backyard). It'll be nice to bring new experiences to studio when I start back up again in the fall.

One of my classes is 'Applied Drawing'... which is basically a drafting class, lots of paralinear and perspective drawings. One assignment was to create a "future city"... which could basically be a city that didn't exist, and we were to create it in perspective. I was having trouble thinking of ideas, and my instructor just said to go with what we were interested in.

So of course, this is what happened.

Super Mario "city"! Ahaha.. ha.
(sorry for the low quality of the picture, I had to take a photo of it- it's pretty large, and I don't have a big enough scanner at home!)