Saturday, July 31, 2010


I just realized I never introduced you all to Alice.

Meet Alice.

Based upon my own redesign of the main character from the original Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland novel, Alice stands at about 8" high and is made from a conglomeration of things.

Look! She even has striped socks and mary jane's!

Alice was a part of John Hendrix's Narrative Sketchbook class. We had to redesign a character from a given list, and after we had created the character, we had to recreate our design out of Sculpey (+various other materials). The trick was, we didn't know ahead of time we would be translating our characters into the third dimension. It was tricky, but fun!

The original character sheet that I made, pre-3D. Essentially my "blueprint."

Also, her arms are opposable! And her little dangly hair curls.

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