Sunday, May 3, 2009

Decided to update my blog in my procrastination for my upcoming final exam. My final for color systems... basically where the sketches from the last post ended up. Sorry about the watermark, I feel like a loser putting it up, but I've heard way too many horror stories about art theft, so better safe, right? And oh my gosh they look so different when I'm not staring at a 200% 600 DPI version of these things. Easily some of the biggest files I've worked on. 1GB per picture? what is this.

Anyway, the focus was a study on atmospheric color as it pertains to mood and emotion. I wanted the color to do most of the work, so that's why there are no props and a 'psychological background.' Aka pretty texture. There are parts of all three that are working, and parts that are not, but it was a really good exercise for me, I learned a lot, and it was fun! Many thanks to Louise for letting me take crazy ref photos for the poses.

Summer is coming up, and that means ACen! I'll (hopefully) have buttons, definitely bookmarks, and we'll see what I can do in the realm of prints. Come say hello! After that, I'll be studying at Columbia College Chicago a few days a week while working on a lot of personal art. Which means more updates. College really takes it out of you. Though I have more direction now of where I want to go. Which always raises more questions, but progress is always good.


  1. Wow, pretty cool colors ('cept the middle harharhar); they really work well in the way you described. The poses do a lot for them as well, so good job on that (both the poser and the artist~).

    I'll see about coming and saying hello at ACen. It might be tough to do...

  2. these are lookin' really awesome!